FAQ (LAB metabolites)

FAQ (LAB metabolites)

What makes lactic acid bacteria good for us ?

There are around one hundred trillion bacteria living in our intestines......  Learn more


What is the difference between lactic acid bacteria and LAB metabolites ?

LAB metabolites” is a collective term for the substances produced by friendly bacteria such as......  Learn more


What about the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt ? Doesn’t that do any good ?

It does. The problem is how much you’ll be getting......  Learn more


How much should I take ? The more, the better ?

Even if you take a large amount all at once, you won’t see immediate health benefits......  Learn more


Are LAB metabolites really safe ?

The LAB metabolites produced by Koei Science Lab have undergone long-term safety testing.......  Learn more


Do LAB metabolites have any side-effects ?

LAB metabolites are a food, not a drug, and thus there are no side-effects.......  Learn more


When is the best time to take LAB metabolites ?

LAB metabolites are a food, not a drug, so they don’t need to be taken at any......  Learn more


Is it okay to take LAB metabolites if I’m pregnant ?

There is really no problem, but......  Learn more